Ladies, it's time to refill YOUR tank and receive a little nurturing yourself!

Let the world melt away while you put your feet up and enjoy a proper time away -designed specifically to recharge, re-inspire, and reinvigorate your body and mind. Your tongue will get to have a party too, with a delicious whole food menu to excite your tastebuds and nourish your cells.

Wednesday March 4th - Sunday March 8th, 2020

Can't Make These Dates But Still Want in on The Action?

Here is a entire workshop for free that will help you get organised with all things related to food - including a step-by-step build-in-the-moment workshop on successful meal planning. 


This is not your average retreat.

It combines the best of both worlds: being nurtured in an exquisite location amongst other wonderful and supportive women PLUS getting hands-on in the kitchen with the Kitchen Coach to discover new ways of making healthier foods choices a delicious reality for the whole family.

For many women, this may be the first time you have taken time away for yourself either EVER - or since having kids (for example). Not only do you deserve to look after yourself, it's actually critical to you not falling in a heap, mentally or physically.

You can relax and let someone else do the cooking, the cleaning, and the organising, so you can spend a blissful 4 nights, 5 days - playing, tasting, and discovering what's truly possible for YOU.

Yes, there will be kitchen-time with Ashley and her team, but to make it even more powerful, you will have as much 'you-time' as you like; you will receive a nurturing treatment; and you will be immersed in peaceful relaxation at a gorgeous secluded nature retreat on the Sunshine Coast, QLD.

Ashley’s journey to becoming The Kitchen Coach might not be the normal route most people expect, but Ashley doesn’t wish “the norm” on anyone else either!

Recent statistics show that 63% of Australian adults are overweight; 95% of people do not eat the recommended daily intake of fruits and vegetables[1]; and 50% of Australians live with at least one of the top 8 Chronic diseases[2], of which 4 of them are said to be preventable through better dietary choices[3] (50% of Americans[4],[5] and 44% of Canadians[6] live with at least 1 of the top 10 Chronic diseases).

If that’s what we currently define as ‘normal’ since the majority of the population live this way, Ashley most certainly doesn’t want to be normal…


…and yet, in her early 20’s, and despite a relatively “healthy” upbringing around food, she was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition that forced a complete change of circumstances in her life.

She quit her career in engineering and spent the next few years researching, studying, and testing everything she could find to heal her body.  Luckily her passion was already food, so she delved even deeper.

Many thousands of dollars and years after her diagnosis, not only had she become symptom free, but she had also gained experience in every part of the food chain that she could. She had successfully figured out that food could either be her medicine – or her demise.  She worked as a farmer; worked in many restaurants; travelled the world; became a food manufacturer with food products on retail shelves; and even worked as a private chef.

Kitchen Coaching was born, most organically, through her work as a private chef for a family. Friends of this family started noticing what a difference she had made in their lives and asked if Ashley could come and do the same for them – and then word of mouth continued from there and The Kitchen Coach was born.

As The Kitchen Coach, Ashley has,

  • created the world’s first live and real-time cooking show;
  • opened a kitchen school for domestic food education and skills;
  • is a regular presenter in schools and to the public;
  • has authored 4 books (at the time of writing);
  • hosts intimate, hands-on learning retreats; and
  • Has worked with over 1000 people internationally through her flagship programs.

Her passion for helping create a societal tipping point back towards health strengthens with every additional person she gets to work with and every piece of news she hears from her families about the wins they are achieving. She is on a mission and won’t stop until she has assisted 10 million families to discover the easier, tastier, more organised and efficient way to wellbeing, especially for the next generation.


Hello Beautiful,

It's time for some much needed nurturing, you-time, and face-to-face connection over really yummy food!

It's happening!  ...bigger and better than anything yet!  We get to hang out together for 5 days in the most exquisite sanctuary on the Sunshine Coast eating full-body-nourishing foods and connecting with other like-minded amazing women!

You've worked so hard to implement massively transformative improvements for you and your family's health, and now it's your turn to be nurtured! 

...of course we'll all still be learning lots, trying new things, and playing in the kitchen but doing that in THIS environment will really help it all come together so you can take your wholefood understanding to another level still - and feel refreshed and rejuvenated while we do.

The stars have aligned and I've been able to confirm every member of my DREAM TEAM to help you be nurtured, inspired, and looked after while you're in our care - I can't wait for you to meet them!!!

I've got big and exciting plans and can't give away ALL the detail to ruin the surprises... I also don't want to create FOMO in you but let's just say, if there is any possible way you can make it happen to be here with us, do it! :) You'll probably also make new friends for life - who are completely in alignment with your path towards better and brighter health.

Okay, so what are we going to do together for 5 days? on dear one...


In true Kitchen Coach style, enjoy a wide variety of delicious whole foods, prepared lovingly by us with your participation.  All food will be organic in every instance possible; strictly gluten free; and plant-based (with some optional add-ins). We're pulling out all the stops so arrive hungry and don't forget to pack your walking shoes! ;)


With a maximum of 30 spots available, you will get to have some genuine connections with people who could become new best friends.  There will be plenty of opportunities to rest, relax, recharge, and connect, not only with each other but myself and my whole team. 


Experience the bliss of meditation and the power of sound!  These optional sessions will be guided by the most incredible woman that I can't wait for you to meet. Be supported, feel connected, and experience the peace and stillness of your divine self. Prepare for a deep and blissful sleep afterwards too!


Hands-on Kitchen Time in fun learning mode! There are some things that can only be learned or understood in a real-life, face-to-face experience!  These sessions are specifically designed JUST for that.  Taste new foods; taste foods that you have maybe never tasted prepared in this way; try new skills and have someone help critique your techniques; and so much more.


Still want more?  Listen in and observe on up to 5 more cooking classes.  The hands-on guests will be getting up close and personal but you're welcome to listen and watch from the edges too!  Otherwise there are plenty of other wonderful activities to explore as well.


This one is on me!  You need to be nurtured for all the incredible actions you have taken giving your loved ones a happier and healthier future. I have carefully selected my favourite nurturers to come look after you, one-on-one, and I can't wait for you to meet them! There is remedial massage, relaxation massage, cranio-sacral therapy, reiki, and so many more talents in these lovely ladies' toolkits.


What a great way to start the day! Not to mention in this incredible yoga space with one of my all-time favourite teachers too! These optional classes will be suitable for all levels, including those who just wish to move their body or do some light stretching.  Make sure to bring comfortable clothing that can move with you.


There is plenty of room to explore within the retreat property, through rainforest, bamboo forest, and gorgeous hillsides.  Guided walks to destinations nearby will also be on offer. Take quiet time, or active time to explore and reconnect with nature.


The retreat space and property houses all the fun and relaxing ammenities we could need!  A heated pool & spa; Spa bathtubs in many rooms; Quiet reading nooks inside and out; Ensuite in every room; Billiards table; scenic trails; water dam with platform; coffee machine - and all the extra activities we're bringing too!


You can't come to the incredible Sunshine Coast and not get to experience at least a little 'sampler' of how amazing it is! There will be beach excursions, a farmer's market trip, hiking options, and other scenic tours provided for those who wish to explore.


 A retreat wouldn't be complete without the chance to slow down...
...and maybe slow down enough to discover your hidden artist!  Our incredible art teacher will show you some tricks to help you enjoy art in a way you've maybe not imagined possible for you yet. 


You've heard me speak of this gifted and incredible woman lots - so I've asked her to come to us! This is an optional add-on if you would like to arrange an appt. with the lovely Kate Bird while on retreat. I highly recommend grabbing this opportunity!

Ashley only runs one retreat per year. We wouldn't want you to miss out on this high-value, low-cost opportunity to immerse yourself face-to-face with the Kitchen Coach community and Ashley!


What a find we scored! This private venue is a purpose-built house with 9 bedrooms, 2 kitchens + outdoor kitchen, heated pool, spa, billiards table, 11 toilets, veggie garden, library of books, bamboo forest, natural dam, and amazing spaces in and out for community or alone-time alike.

With plenty of room for lots of cooks in the kitchen, we can all get in there and get hands-on creating delicious, nutritious meals to replenish all those beautiful cells in your body!

All rooms are spacious and have beautiful nature-outlooks, whether it's into rainforest, or balcony views of the Coast. Each room has it's own ensuite bathroom. All rooms are Triple share and female-only, with individual, luxuriously plush King-single beds for each person.

Payment Options

UPFRONT - Triple Share Room



Receive a bonus gift on arrival :)

3 people per room in separate beds of either Single, King Single, or Queen size.


3-MO PAY PLAN - Triple Share Room



No extra fees or costs

3 people per room in separate beds of either Single, King Single, or Queen size.


UPFRONT - Local Day Guest



No accommodation. For local guests only, to join us during the day/evening and travel home each night.


6-MO PAY PLAN - Local Day Guest



No accommodation. For local guests only, to join us during the day/evening and travel home each night.


Still have questions?

Given how quickly this will book out, I've reserved some slots for you to have a call with me to discuss joining me at the retreat. I would love to make it possible for you!!! Book your call with me via the link below.

"This retreat was overwhelmingly incredible. I simply do not have the words to describe what an inspiring and uplifting experience it was. Simply magic. "

Carly Martyn
Wandong, VIC

"Who would have a thought a weekend away about food could have been so restorative? The warmth and generosity of Ashley and her team, their willingness to share their knowledge and encourage you to take one step at a time to improve your health and well being and that of your families too, was just amazing."

Dani Hillier
Sydney, NSW

"The retreat was the most incredible experience. Being surrounded by like minded people, in a gorgeous safe environment, has allowed me to stop and really see deep within me. It was life changing and cannot wait to come again."

Cindy Portwine
Bamawn, VIC

"One of the most AMAZING Experiences of my Health Journey"

Kristy Hall
Little Mountain, QLD

"All of us need time to be ourselves again. Not just someone's partner, someone's parent, someone's co-worker. The Kitchen Coach Retreat goes beyond fabulous food. You get the opportunity to reconnect with yourself, reset and recharge. It is invaluable seeing how to practically create nourishing food, and every skill level is welcomed. The experience is something I will carry with me for the rest of my life. "

Kirsten Baker
Sydney, NSW

"A completely wholistic experience that reached far beyond the encompassed food for health, socialising with like minded people, and physical and spiritual health. "

Becky Zropf
Caloundra, QLD

"The retreat was far more than expected. Its not just about the food nor the kitchen. A total holistic approch was taken, focusing on the Mind, Body and Soul.. Truely an unique and awesome experience."

Lynda Nalder
Deagon, QLD

"This peaceful environment aided me to experience amazing connections , taste and make delicious plant based food, develop new skills which resulted in confidence to reach higher in all aspects of life. I would highly recommend attending the next one. "

Mary Taylor
Maroochydore, QLD

"Highly recommend this retreat, not only for the great learnings and fun in the kitchen, but also to have some experiences for your own self care! "

Marijke Van Bree
Waverley, QLD

Frequently Asked Questions

The Sunshine Coast Airport is only 13 minutes from the venue so this is the preferred airport.
The Brisbane airport however, is only a little over a 1hr drive away, with plenty of shuttle options, if that is a better option for you.

We will provide a complimentary airport shuttle to and from the Sunshine Coast airport on Wednesday and Sunday.

Please aim to arrive no earlier than 12:00pm (noon) and before 5:00pm on Wednesday March 4th. 

A light lunch will be provided for those arriving before 2:30pm, and dinner will begin at 6:00pm. 

Check-out is between 12:30-2:30pm on Sunday March 8th. 

Transfers to and from the Sunshine Coast airport are included. 

If you are flying into the Brisbane airport, it is possible that you could share a shuttle ride with another guest. 

You get to choose!  You will get to choose which cooking classes you wish to attend (5 out of 10 as hands-on participants, and up to 5 more as observing-only attendees); and which other activities you wish to participate in. 
Your complimentary 75-minute treatment session will be scheduled at random on one of the days and you are free to explore, swim, hike, read, relax, chat, or do whatever you wish in any other time of your day.

On the first night we will have a welcome circle and on the last day we will finish with a closing circle.

Each night there will be fun and/or relaxing activities, finished by a meditation and/or sound healing experience.

There will be morning yoga classes; art classes, excursions, and tons of delicious, nutritious, high-quality-but-also-indulgent food all day. 

Let your inner child come along too as there will be things for her to do as well! ;)

This is largely up to you as it is your retreat.  Activities are provided all day but you can choose which ones you wish to attend and when.
The only sessions we ask everyone to be present at are the Welcoming circle on Wednesday night, and the Closing circle on Sunday afternoon.

The venue is in a secluded, but central location in Buderim on the Sunshine Coast.  Exact address details will be emailed to all guests before arrival.

In true Kitchen Coach style, all the food will be Organic in every instance possible; Gluten free by default, strictly; and plant-based. We will provide warm foods, raw foods, new foods, and aim to help you discover meals/foods that you may not have been able to experience yet.
These dietary choices are not because we think you should 'adhere to this diet' strictly necessarily, but rather to give you an experience with tastier ways to prepare meals that are more focused on the vegetable component of the dish. We trust that if you can create flavour within 'restricted' ingredients, that you can easily add any dairy, or meat when you cook for yourself.
You know Ashley is probably going to go overboard in this department right?!

On the booking checkout page, please comment with your preferred roommate(s).  We will do our best to accommodate all requests but cannot guarantee exact matches in every instance. 
Because Ashley has gotten to know many of you within the crew, she will try to pair you up as best as she can. Many new best friends have been 'created' already ;)


This is always a tricky one. We have put it to the group and the general feel is to keep it as a ladies-only space, except for staff (chef, activity guides, etc.)  Sorry hubbies, this one is for nurturing the ladies while you man the fort! ;)

Given the nature of this venue (not a hotel with many extra rooms), we need to allow for each room to have 3 people in it.  (The only way around this would be to purchase 3 spots for yourself). We hope you understand.


  1. YOUR APRON!!! (if you have one)
  2. Casual comfy clothes (esp. for Yoga and meditation)
  3. Swimsuit for pool/spa/beach
  4. a shawl, throw, or meditation blanket if you wish
  5. Walking/Hiking shoes (optional)
  6. A good book


  1. Work to do ;)

The Kitchen Coach Retreat Attendees Testimonials

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Spaces are strictly limited to 27 residential guests
+ 3 day-guests.
Book now to avoid disappointment.


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