I understand what it feels like to be a slave to your kitchen, feeling like you spend your mornings and evenings between the stovetop, the oven, the dishwasher and the fridge. Is it time to change that?

So many women tell me how much they've lost their mojo in the kitchen, would you like to rediscover your love for food and nourishing your family?

Even I get the itch to call in takeaway when I'm stressed, just to take meal prep out of my mind - would you like to learn how you can prepare dinner faster than the time it takes to have your UberEats arrive at your door?

Is your grocery bill growing out of control? Food costs are skyrocketing, can there be a better way? You bet!

Are picky eaters driving you INSANE? The most common anecdotes I hear from families is that picky eaters make meal time challenging, you are not alone in this.

Your kitchen is the foundation of your health. It is the centre for most of the food you eat, the place where your family gathers for dinner and where your health and vitality begins. The Kitchen Reset Program is your key to building a foundation of whole food and organisation that WORKS for you and your family.

I invite you to join me on a journey to discover how you can make simple changes in your world of food that have huge positive impacts. I am here to help you and your family make the shift that you know is possible,



What Is Covered in The Kitchen Reset 12 Week Program?

Well... LOTS! This program has been designed to guide you through 12 weeks of massive change in your life. From how you use your kitchen, to how you shop, to what you eat, this program will reset your kitchen and create a brand new normal in your world.

Intensive Kickstart

To get you set up for success The Kitchen Reset Program kicks off with a solid pre-program to help you get in the right headspace and join the community.

Structured Support

The Kitchen Reset Program is a guided program, stepping you through skills, knowledge and so much more to guarantee success.

Your Own Private Group

The Kitchen Reset Program has a private group space for each intake, allowing you to ask questions, support your fellow KRP'ers and celebrate success!

Core Skill Recipe Videos

Each week you will receive a guided core skill video, teaching you a skill that will save you time and stress in the kitchen. Implement your learnings and reap the rewards.

Live Webinars

Live Webinars will allow you to connect with The Kitchen Coach, ask questions and get clear on each phase of the Kitchen Reset Program. These will be recorded for easy review.

Whole Food Recipes

You will receive 90+ whole food, gluten-free recipes designed to allow you to create meal plans that support your lifestyle.

Knowledge Videos

Each week you will receive a deep dive knowledge video, teaching you all you need to know on kitchen and food fundamentals.

Course Book

You will receive a course book, designed to be your guide through the program. Customise it with print outs of the digital support tools each week.

Bonus Gifts

I can't give too much away here! There will be awesome bonus gifts for you throughout the program!

DIY Pantry Flip

Make your Kitchen Reset complete with a DIY Pantry Flip (or have The Kitchen Coach Team flip it for you!). Follow the guide throughout the program to get it sorted!

"The Kitchen Coach has changed my life! In September, 2016 I was an over-weight (in the obese category), frustrated woman, who was trying to do something about my weight but with no success. I thought I was making healthy choices for myself and my family by buying fresh fruit and vegetables from the market and trying to buy low-fat alternatives to many products. We didn’t buy much take-away and had already cut down the amount of soft drink we consumed. We were, however, addicted to sugar and I was basically keeping Cadburys in business (although I didn’t recognise it at the time). I would determine to stop eating chocolate and ice-cream for a few days and then would succumb when things got stressful or I was tired or ‘because I have been good’! I joined the Kitchen Reset Program and it was incredibly practical and ‘life-changing’. I learned about swapping processed foods for fresh, unprocessed food; how to read food labels; how to use spices and herbs to improve flavour; how to shop at markets; and that a whole foods diet can be just as tasty (if not tastier) than my familiar ‘supermarket’ foods and are very easy to prepare. We learned about nutrition, portion sizes and how to listen to our body for what it needs. My kitchen changed over the course of the twelve weeks. I stopped buying ice cream; chocolate; anything with ‘numbers’ on the contents list; and non-organic vegies. I now shop only at farmers’ markets and buy chemical-free/organic fruit and veg; organic meat; bulk wholefoods and there are barely any packets or tins in my cupboard. Most of our meals are vegetable based and my family now enjoy vege stir fries and lentil dishes without complaining. All of us have noticed improvements in our health, particularly me. I have lost 11 kg and have increased energy and mental clarity. I tell everyone who asks me about my weight loss about Ashley and her program and encourage them to get to one of her regular seminars to learn about things for themselves. I love Ashley’s practical instruction, her encouragement and the fact that she doesn’t try to sell you anything – she just wants to reach as many people as possible with her healthy eating message. She happily points you to other businesses or individuals who she feels can help you to continue on your journey and is a big supporter of buying local."

Karen Smith

"Ashley my family & I are so very blessed & grateful that you came into our lives. Your passion, wisdom, generosity & expertise is amazing & l appreciate all that you have shared with me. From our incredibly awesome kitchen flip (which l just love my ‘new’ kitchen everyday), to my newfound knowledge of foods & appliances, to enjoying your 8 week course & cleanse, to just now understanding nutrients & what the body needs, l am so excited & happy to be making fantastic lifestyle changes for my family & I. You are inspirational & a very talented professional. I feel great & just love my new understanding of whole foods! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! Xox"

Jodie Q.

"Having attended a few of Ashley’s workshops I knew how passionate she was about whole food and adopting a way of life that really got back to the basics… which I loved! It was evident to me that this girl had something special… and she wanted to share it with everyone! I cannot speak highly enough of the Kitchen Reset Program! The knowledge, practical skills, motivation and love for whole foods that is developed over the course of the program will stay with me for life! Having the pleasure of experiencing the change in my own life is worth it on its own, but seeing the positive effects it had on the other families speaks unto itself. Thank YOU Ashley, your hard work and passion is appreciated by so many and I had so much fun sharing it with you and all the other Kitchen Crew!"

Marissa M.
Mooloolaba, Australia

Hi there!


I'm Ashley Jubinville. This life-changing Kitchen Reset Program has been many years in the making, and I am pumped to share it with YOU. This program is an amalgamation of the years of experience I have of working with 100's of families, helping them navigate the maze of what to eat, how to prepare it, and how to listen to your body.

It is a true reset button for your kitchen, your diet and your life. So don't hesitate, this IS the change you've been looking for. I can't wait to be YOUR Kitchen Coach!

So, you want to join my Kitchen Reset Program, but you have some questions? Or just want to learn more about me and what I can offer you and your family? Complete your details and let's arrange a discovery call with one of The Kitchen Coach team soon.

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